About Beige

First, a little bit about the name… By now you’ve probably realized that here at Beige we’re all about, well everything but.  Not to knock the color, beige is great!  It’s safe, secure, and comforting.  It never yells, and doesn’t offend.  But in a world with Rocky Road and Mint Chocolate Chip, why stick with Vanilla?

How do we make color and pattern more accessible, less intimidating, and get people to embrace the bold?  The answer…show them!  And so the concept of Beige was born.  We celebrate color, we maximize it, and showcase it to its fullest potential.  Bringing styles, eras, and forms together with color is what we aim to do. 

We hope you’ll like it as much as we like doing it!  But if not, you’ll always have beige 😉

Quote from owner.

- Michael Morganti, Owner

About Michael

I gained an appreciation for furniture at an early age.  My grandfather worked as a sander in a furniture factory and took great pride in his work.  Like many in my Western New York hometown, I’m of Swedish and Italian descent, and grew up with both the clean Scandinavian lines and the more ornate Italian flair.  Both styles, and their juxtaposition, influence my style today. 

In 1995 I left home and moved to Cincinnati to attend UC College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning.  I graduated in 2000 with a degree in Fashion Design and spent the next 20+ years working for large brands such as The Gap, Reebok, and The North Face.  It’s been an amazing career, and has allowed me to live across the country, and travel the world, experiencing new cultures, styles, and amazing people along the way.

And now, mid-career you might say, I’ve decided to leave what I know behind:  To leave my life of beige and venture into a world full of color!

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